In the year 2022, when technology has touched the skies, things are becoming more advanced across the globe. The new technology called flying car has also become a reality today as one Eastern European country named Slovakia made it a reality. The one company named Klien Vision in Slovakia have presented their Aircar in the last month, January 2022.

About the Aircar of Slovakia

The Aircar completed its first intercity flight in June last year from the international airport Nitra to the Bratislava airport, the cities situated in Slovakia. Last month, the transport authority of Slovakia gave it clearance to take off.


Moreover, the flying car has also received the certificate of Airworthiness from the authorities and also meet all the safety standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency.

As per the reports, this is the first flying car that exactly looks like a flying car.

How was it made?

The car called BMW has been used as a base in the flying car on which the wings was attached by the makers. It is the first car and the first attempt in which the wings come out of the car for the last 60 to 70 years.

Moreover, the car doesn’t need any particular kind of fuel to take off as it could be flying with the petrol by which the other regular cars run. The reason behind the normal usual of the petrol is that the Aircar consists of the 1.6l BMW engine.

While flying, the Aircar could reach the height of 8,000 feet, and it could fly at the speed of 190km/h.

As many as two people could sit in the car, and it took only three minutes to get transformed from Aeroplane into the car.


How do the transformations take place?

The transformations took place like that:

  • Firstly, the wings of the flying car could be folded to the back.
  • There is no need to unscrew anything or to separate anything as it is only in one piece.
  • It looks like a compact car.
  • The car looks like a normal car when it navigates on roads.
  • There is one thing, to fly the flying car, the flyer must need a licence of the pilot as it needs a proper runway to take off. So far, the flying car has completed more than 200 takeoffs and landings, and it is one successful Aircar.

How much does it cost for buying?

As per the reports, the cost of the flying car is circulated between $ 500,00 to $ 1 million, but it depends upon the model too. Moreover, in the 12 months, the car would become commercial, and people could buy it in the normal market.

The Klien Vision company, which made the flying car, has believed that the Aircar would replace the helicopters in the future as it consists of the internal combustion engine of the normal car, which means it is more energy-efficient than helicopters.

Usually, helicopters and aeroplanes need a lot of fuels to take off and also need special fuel.

The company further stated that if the flying car is flying over the simple car’s engine, then it would not face any difficulty to take off on an electric car engine.

Practical use of the flying car

  • It is very efficient to use in the emergency services such as ambulances, fire engines, or for the police.
  • One advantage would be that flying cars are easier to use than helicopters and aeroplanes, and there’s no need to add any separate and particular infrastructure to operate them.
  • For example, for Railways there is need to make Railway lines, for metros we need to dig the tunnels and for roads need to be built for normal cars, but for the flying cars, the infrastructure would remain same that is already exist.
  • Another big advantage is that the car is quite flexible as it will get end to end connectivity.
  • Moreover, flying cars are quite eco friendly as the flying car will help to reduce the drastic impact on the environment as normal cars take a long time to cover a large distance; on the other hand, the flying car would be able to do it faster. They would also consume less energy than any other vehicle.

Disadvantages of flying car of Slovakia

  • The car could face a harsh accident in the air as right now, there is no need to operate a flying car.
  • So, there is a requirement of making a huge number of the population a pilot.
  • Moreover, the problems in the bad weather would also increase as in the weather such as thunderstorms or turbulence; one could not be able to fly the car.
  • However, the aeroplanes could bear it as they are large in size, but the small flying cars also faced these problems.
  • To ensure safety in the air, the authorities have to make new safety protocols and new safety standards in the sky.
  • Another problem is the fast charging as the reports stated that the cars could cover a distance of only 50 km and then it would need to get charged.
  • The car would cost a lot to normal people.


As per Elon Musk, owner of Tesla car, the flying car is a bad idea as there will be huge chances of the accident when a lot of cars would fly in the sky, which could lead to deadly incidents as it could give the life of a person when it falls on anyone’s head.

Technology is becoming vast nowadays as advancement is becoming common. Innovation at every phase and in every sector become so prominent that people become so curious about the new technology. We are living in a world where the talks of robots are going on and where we could then in just 50 years, the earth would get totally changed.

Moreover, people are making their ideas so real One such idea is the flying car which has been tried for almost the last 100 years; various experiments have been done by various innovators to make it a reality. Now, from Europe, the futuristic has become a reality with the new innovation of the flying car.


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