Spanish and British Police officials have joined hand-in-hand to work together to raid a sailing vessel loaded with six tons of hashish 130 miles off the Huelva coast.
In a joint operation with the UK’s National Crime Agency and Italian authorities, “The National Police has arrested three crew members.”
The probe began in 2021, when authorities found that one of Spain’s most active criminal gangs had bought a sailing boat for drug trafficking.
In February, the boat, called “Bibi”, sailed to Italy, returning to Spain in March.
Then, Investigators tracked the vessel to the Moroccan coast, where it loaded the cannabis resin.
From there, it headed to the Huelva coast where the boat is intending to unload its merchandise.
The arrests added its captain, who had earlier been arrested on another same drug trafficking run.
Agents have also found a drone which was used to keep a check on police activities in the area, security cameras and radio frequency detectors with GPS capability.
The CITCO (Intelligence Centre against Terrorism and Organised Crime) and MAOC-N (Centre for Maritime Analysis and Operations in Drug Trafficking) took part in the raid.
The drug bust is expected to be a big hit at eastern criminal organisations aiming to smuggle illegal drugs into Spain by sea.


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