Cayon, St Kitts & Nevis: Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew expressed his pleasure and gratitude to St Kitts & Nevis Labour Party, which has constantly been putting their efforts to work towards the water situation the people have been facing for the last few weeks in the country.

While expressing his pleasure and gratitude to St Kitt’s & Labour Party for addressing the water situation the country has been facing for the last few weeks, Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew recently reached out to his social media to share some updates regarding the water situation and its management by the BEAD Company.


Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew, on his social media handle, while expressing his pleasure to the Labour Party’s Administration and efforts, said, “As pledged, the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Administration continues to work toward addressing the water situation throughout the country.”

Further, Prime Minister Dr Terrance also shared some updates for water rectifying projects being undertaken in the country for water supply purposes. He shared that the company, BEAD, is about to begin the Well drilling project at a site identified in Cabbage Tree, Cayon, on Friday, 9th June 2023, close to the island’s main road and in the vicinity of the gas station, and also shared that, once the project becomes successful, it has been expected that it’s going to bring significant relief to the Community of Cayon.

As per the information, St Kitts & Nevis has been facing a huge water shortage for the past few weeks. Moreover, in these times, the people have made a lot of patience and faith in the government of the country and have made the best of their efforts to conserve the water and limit its shortage. In contrast, the government has always maintained and created every possible initiative for this situation.


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