At Gare de Lyon, a bustling railway station in the heart of Paris, a Malian national went on a stabbing spree, leaving one person with life-threatening injuries and two others with minor wounds.

The assailant’s actions have raised concerns about security in the French capital, just months before it is set to host the 2024 Olympics, expecting a massive influx of approximately 15 million visitors.


The attack occurred at 7:35 am (0635 GMT), a time when the station was filled with commuters and travellers. Paris police prefect Laurent Nunez briefed reporters, stating that one individual suffered severe injuries to the abdomen while two others sustained lighter wounds.

A fourth person reportedly went into shock after witnessing the horrifying assaults.

Authorities later revealed that the suspect, who presented an Italian driving license with a birthdate of January 1, 1992, had been living legally in Italy since 2016. His documents were in order, indicating no criminal record.

However, during the police investigation, the assailant voluntarily disclosed that he suffered from psychiatric problems and was carrying medication.

Paris prosecutors took an unusual turn by ending their questioning of the suspect, deeming his mental state as “incompatible.” Instead, the authorities placed him in police custody for psychiatric care.

The weapons used in the attack believed to be a knife and a hammer, are currently under analysis.


Despite the brutal nature of the assault, the suspect did not utter any religious slogans during the attack, according to a police source.

Passers-by demonstrated remarkable courage by overpowering the assailant before railway police could intervene. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin expressed gratitude, saying, “A thank you to those who overpowered the man who carried out this unbearable act.”

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the incident, the Paris prosecutor’s office has initiated an inquiry into the attack. Simultaneously, the national anti-terrorist prosecutor is closely monitoring the proceedings.

The motive behind the stabbing remains unclear, and authorities are diligently working to uncover any potential links to terrorism.
Gare de Lyon, France’s largest mainline rail hub, witnesses an annual footfall of over 100 million passengers.

The attack has sparked concerns about the security measures in place at such crucial transportation hubs, especially with the imminent arrival of the 2024 Olympics.

The incident underscores the need for enhanced vigilance and security protocols as Paris prepares to welcome the world to its iconic city later this year.

In the wake of this alarming event, authorities are likely to reevaluate and strengthen security measures across public spaces to ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike.

As the investigation unfolds, the international community watches closely, hoping for answers and reassurance that such acts of violence can be prevented in the future.


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