Around 85 people are confirmed to have been infected with monkeypox in Sweden, an increase of eight since last week, as per reports. Cases have been reported in multiple regions, but the clear majority have been reported in Stockholm, with 65 cases.
Region Stockholm and Region Skane will begin offering vaccines against the virus to close contacts of confirmed cases this week. Those eligible for vaccination will be contacted directly by health service- it is impossible for individuals to book their own vaccine.
As per information, the healthcare regions covering Sweden’s three largest cities- Stockholm, Gothernburg and Malmo- have all received a limited number of vaccine doses.
It is not yet revealed when the vaccine will be made available for those affected in the Vastra Gotaland region.
Those who believe they could be infected with the virus should contact health services by calling 1177.
As per the guidelines issued by Public Health Agency, anyone who has been in close contact with a symptomatic monkeypox case will be offered the vaccine.
The vaccine is most helpful if administered within four days from the date one was exposed to the virus, but it can still be effective if given up to two weeks from the suspected date of infection.
The vaccine in question is called Jynneos and is in limited supply.


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