EU purchases extra 170,932 doses of monkeypox vaccines

The European Commission has made an announcement on September 1 that it has purchased an additional 170,932 doses of monkeypox vaccines from Danish pharmaceutical company Bavarian Nordic.

Belgium logs 726 confirmed cases of monkeypox: Reports

From the moment since the outbreak of monkeypox around the European region, Belgium has logged around 726 confirmed cases of monkeypox.

Belgium logs first death due to monkeypox

Belgium has logged its first death due to monkeypox, the Sciensano public health institute disclosed on Wednesday in its latest weekly update.

Paris: 4-year-old dog diagnosed with monkeypox virus

A four-year-old dog in Paris has been recently diagnosed, making it the first reported case of monkeypox in dogs.

Amid vaccine crisis, People in Europe cross borders to receive monkeypox jabs: Reports

Amid serious vaccine shortages and increasing case numbers, people in Europe are crossing borders to receive the monkeypox vaccine as authorities in their own nations struggle to provide doses.

Belgium: Minor tests positive for monkeypox virus

A minor has been infected with the monkeypox virus for the first time in Belgium, as per reports on Wednesday evening, based on information from the Sciensano public health institute.

European nations reports over 15,000 cases of monkeypox virus, 2 died: ECDC, WHO

overall 15,624 cases of monkeypox virus has been recorded so far in European nations, while two patients have died.

Belgium to update its monkeypox vaccination policy amid rising cases: Reports

Belgium is set to change its monkeypox vaccination policy amid spike in cases and growing global alarm.

Belgium: Call for monkeypox vaccine on rise among men who are having sex with men

The call for the vaccine against monkeypox in Belgium is rising fast among men who are having same-sex relationships.

Sweden logs over 85 cases of monkeypox: Reports

Around 85 people are confirmed to have been infected with monkeypox in Sweden, an increase of eight since last week, as per reports.

Not sexually, Belgian experts believes Monkeypox transmits via long & close skin contact with infected person

From the day since the outbreak of the monkeypox virus in May, close to 12,000 cases have been logged in European Region, as per the statement shared by WHO/Europe on Tuesday.

Netherlands logs 818 cases of monkeypox virus: Reports

Around 818 people in the Netherlands have tested positive for monkeypox on Monday, the public health institute RIVM reported.

France reports over 1,700 monkeypox cases: Health Minister

The Health Minister of France has recently released a statement, adding that around 1,700 people had been infected with monkeypox in the nation.

Over 95% of monkeypox cases spread through sexual activity: Reports

Around 95% of monkeypox cases have been spread via sexual activity, as per the largest study to date, which also noted new clinical single genital lesions.

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