From the moment since the outbreak of monkeypox around the European region, Belgium has logged around 726 confirmed cases of monkeypox. The following data has been released by the Sciensano Institute, based on the data for up to 5 September.
The number of fresh cases appears to be going down, as per the public health institute. The last reported case for which information is available dates back to 30 August.
Of the 726 confirmed cases of the diseases, 384 (53%) were reported in Flanders, 258 (36%) in Brussels and 84 (11%) in Wallonia.
Almost all of those infected are male- 699 of the 703 cases for which the sex is known. The vast majority are between 16 and 71 years old. One is a child under the age group of three years old.
Few of the infected have had to be hospitalised, out of 638 patients for whom data is available, only 32 were admitted to health care centers.
So far, one death, that of a person with underlying medical conditions, has been reported.


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