The devastating forest fires that have ruined Europe during this summer have resulted in the highest emissions in 15 years. The following information has been shared by scientists at the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS).
Emissions, which was resulting from forest fires in the European Union and the United Kingdom between June 1 and August 31 2022, have amounted to around 6.4 megatonnes of carbon, the highest level for summer months since 2007.
CAMS highlighted that, “The combination of the August heat wave and prolonged dry conditions in Western Europe has resulted in increased wildfire activity, intensity and persistence. France and Spain have thus experienced their highest emissions because of the forest fires in the last 20 years.
According to the statement released by CAMS wildfire expert and scientist Mark Parrington, “The scale and persistence of the fires in southwestern Europe are leading to the highest emissions in Europe in 15 years, and have been extremely concerning throughout summers.”
The majority of the fires took place in regions where climate change has increased the flammability of vegetation, such as in southwestern Europe, a trend also observed in recent years in other regions, he added.
CAMS is now closely checking emissions, which are caused by fire and the movement of smoke in the Amazon region and across South America, as the fire season there approaches.


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