Google Maps is coming up with a plan for motorists who are using the application facility to plan their route. The plan will offer motorists an alternative route which is “slower in some cases but better for the environment and for their wallet.”
Google has made an announcement on Wednesday that in the coming weeks they would be deploying an “ecological route planning” function in several nations.
This kind of feature has been around for a while in the USA, Canada and Germany, but will now be made available to Belgian drivers.
Google Maps calculates, based on several parameters- road type, speed, traffic density- whether a slower route is a greener alternative. The app then shows the length of the route and how much fuel this will save.
The calculation also depends on the type of engine (petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric) and the route may therefore differ depending. For instance, a diesel car is more efficient at higher speeds, while a hybrid is more efficient in stopped traffic, Google elaborated.
The American company did not indicate whether it would also be introducing this technology for its other navigation app, Waze.


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