In a convergence of history, maritime prowess, and athletic spirit, the illustrious three-masted barque, the Belem, embarks on a voyage that intertwines past exploits with contemporary significance. 



Departing from the shores of Greece, this maritime marvel sets sail across the Mediterranean bound for Marseille, France, bearing the sacred Olympic flame—a symbol of unity and sporting excellence.


The Belem’s journey is not merely a routine voyage; it is a continuation of a legacy that spans over 128 years of nautical adventures. 


From escaping the throes of natural disasters like volcanic eruptions in Martinique to dodging catastrophic earthquakes in Japan, the Belem has weathered the tumultuous seas of history with resilience and grace.



Captained by the seasoned mariner Aymeric Gibet, the Belem’s crew comprises 16 seasoned sailors from the merchant navy, complemented by a cohort of up to 48 eager trainees—a blend of youthful enthusiasm and maritime expertise. 


As they navigate the azure expanse, they embody the ethos of camaraderie and perseverance, knowing that their voyage marks the inaugural chapter of a grand collective endeavor.


Originally crafted as a merchant vessel shuttling goods across the Atlantic, the Belem underwent a series of transformations from a luxury yacht to a training ship for merchant marine sailors. 


Thanks to the unwavering support of institutions like the Caisses d’Epargne Savings Bank and the dedication of the Belem Foundation, this maritime treasure found its way back to its Breton roots, serving as a beacon of maritime heritage and education.


Throughout its storied history, the Belem has transcended its role as a mere vessel, becoming a symbol of national pride and international cooperation. 


From commemorating historic milestones such as the centenary of the Statue of Liberty to gracing the Olympic Games in London, the Belem has sailed through time, carrying with it the echoes of bygone eras and the aspirations of future generations.


As the Belem makes its triumphant arrival in Marseille on May 8, it will be greeted by a majestic flotilla of up to a thousand ships—a testament to the enduring allure of maritime tradition and the unifying power of the Olympic spirit. 


With an estimated 150,000 spectators poised to witness this historic moment in the Old Port, the Belem’s journey transcends the realms of sports and maritime adventure, embodying the collective aspirations of humanity.


But the Belem’s odyssey does not conclude with its Olympic mission. Following its rendezvous in Marseille, the Belem will chart a course to five ports across France, traversing the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, symbolizing a journey of discovery, resilience, and cultural exchange.


As the Olympic torch relay unfurls across France, traversing iconic landmarks like the Lascaux caves and the Loire castles, the flame serves as a beacon of hope and remembrance. 


From the verdant landscapes of French Guiana to the historic shores of Normandy, the torch illuminates the shared tapestry of human endeavor and resilience.


In July, as the Olympic flame finds its temporary abode in the Tuileries gardens, nestled alongside the Seine, the Belem’s voyage will linger in the collective memory—a testament to the enduring spirit of adventure, solidarity, and maritime heritage that transcends borders and generations.


As the world converges in anticipation of the Olympic Games in Paris, the Belem stands as a testament to the timeless values of exploration, camaraderie, and the boundless potential of human endeavor. 


In its wake, it leaves a legacy that stretches across oceans and generations—a legacy of adventure, unity, and the indomitable spirit of the human voyage.


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