The Divine Feminine has the power to change the world; The Masculine energy reflects the masculine features, including the quality of standing firm in any situation with his boldness, male behaviour and physique.

The Voices of Women Worldwide, United Kingdom, shared an update on their Facebook handle on Sunday, April 2, highlighting the power of Feminism and masculinism. An Indian-American author Deepak Chopra shared his broad view of the qualities of both Feminism and masculinism.


On Masculinity, Deepak Chopra shared that Masculine behaviour has run its course as a model for power. Male power reflects extreme and worst aspects of masculine behaviour. The arms race, world wars, civil conflicts, and an insane buildup of atomic bombs symbolize masculine aggression reaching some kind of apex that is also a dead end. The urge to fight and to turn competitors into enemies, nations into armed fortresses, and everyone into winners and losers won’t save a planet that needs emergency medicine.

However, This drastic state of imbalance shows one half of the human psyche, the feminine, though suppressed, violated, or ignored; Chopra also states: The human mind isn’t a chaotic morass.

The most basic listing of the divine feminine instantly indicates what is missing on the world stage. The top qualities of the feminine by the Voices of Women Worldwide are:

  1. Mothering is the source of tenderness, affection, nonjudgmental acceptance, and nurturing.
  2. Abundance, the freely given gifts of food and water supplied by the earth.
  3. Beauty in every form.
  4. Sexual charm and attraction.
  5. Inspiration, in the form of intuition, insight, and the muses that inspire art and music.
  6. Peace is the impulse to live as a family in harmony.

Women are the agents of peace, nurturing, abundance, beauty, and inspiration. You either express these values, or you don’t. The choice involves a conscious decision, and the world will change when enough people make the decision. Everyone needs to look to the divine feminine. Feminism is the dominant challenge that faces every society, and the future of humanity depends upon meeting the challenge as consciously and as soon as possible.

“There is a concerted call for more women leaders because the rampant behaviour of out-of-control masculine energies can no longer be tolerated. But the whole point of calling feminine energies divine is that they apply to everyone”. Said Deepak Chopra.




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