The Armed Forces of Ukraine are grateful to the United States for standing by Ukraine’s side for more than 30 years, supporting Ukrainian people and dissidents in the time of totalitarian oppressing of the communist Soviet regime, and the last more than eight most challenging years in Ukraine’s modern history after the Russian invasion in 2014, and especially – for the previous 131 days during the full scale of unprovoked, unjustified, unfair, cruel, military aggression and Russian war in Your supporting of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are grateful for the total armament, logistical support and the multi-year teaching and methodological contribution of the US Armed Forces trainers on combat training, training on medicine and mental health for military psychologists of the AFU, cadets, and chaplains advisory and logistical assistance, military legislative training, presenting and granting IT equipment within the framework of the US government’s program on implementing information technology solutions for the AFU and media kits for the public affairs structures of the AFU.


The AFU also expressed their gratitude and especially thanked all the US support, educational, advisory, logistical, and training, exchange, technical, armed assistance in the path of Ukraine’s struggle to restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

AFU are grateful to the US for standing firmly with Ukraine in support of our sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russian aggression within the framework of the newly established Advisory Group for the Defense of Ukraine, leading more than 50 countries, as it was in the agenda of the Multinational Joint Commission and Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine (JMTGU) to strengthen the capabilities of the AFU and its capacities to counter aggression by the Russian Federation.

US security assistance package provides various means such as capacity building, increasing the capabilities, and achieving maximum interoperability with Allied forces not for the Armed Forces of Ukraine only but broadly for the democratic Euro-Atlantic strategic development of people, society and the Ukrainian State on its way to full integration in NATO and # EU after the joint victory on Russia.

American support of Ukraine is an integral part of the assistance, which should contribute to establishing stability and security in Europe, locally and globally.

The funds provided for the last eight years are aimed at strengthening the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to counter Russian aggression and save the lives and the health of Ukrainian soldiers who defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our State.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine honoured the memory of Joseph Stone, a US citizen serving as a paramedic with the OSCE SMM – Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, who was killed by Russians when his vehicle struck a mine in the east of Ukraine in territory controlled by Russian occupational forces.


Furthermore, The Armed Forces are grateful that the United States remains steadfast in our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, secure within its internationally recognized borders and territorial waters, and that they are equally committed to Ukraine’s freedom to pursue the Euro-Atlantic trajectory the people of Ukraine have demanded.



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