The Founder and Managing director of Korda Developments, Danny Fairbrass, shared his fishing technique and said to ‘go-to’ mix when fishing Bottom Baits; Danny Fairbrass took his social media and shared his fantastic fishing techniques on March 22, 2023, left people stunned,

Danny shares that in this year’s Masterclass 9, he runs through his go-to bait mix when fishing hard on the deck. Not only does this mix, but it sure does work by including a variety of food items.


Danny Fairbrass Fishing Technique includes:

Pellets – With numbers of fish across Europe being fed a supplementary diet of pellets. He opts to use Pellets as the base ingredient in his mix. Not only is it great for growth, with many fish across Europe being accustomed to pellets within their diet, but it also makes it an apparent food item to include.

Flaked Maize: A great bulk ingredient that not only brings a visual aspect to the mix but it’s also super absorbent! Making it an excellent carrier for your chosen Liquid. Whether that be Water, Oil or Liquids such as @mainlinebaitsofficial Smart Liquid!

Chilli Sauce: Having seen the reaction from the Carp in his tank, there was no questioning about whether or not to include this in his mix. We will never know the valid reason why a spice element in the bait is so attractive; what we do know is that his Carp at home wouldn’t eat unless their food were spicey!

Boilies: Dan likes to include two different baits of varying sizes in his mix (10s & 15s). He always adds a small amount of crushed boilie to his compound. The key is to keep food items varied in size… adding too much crumb will preoccupy the fish and get them used to feed on smaller food items. Making it harder to pick up bites when fishing larger-sized hook baits over the top.

Smart Liquid – A revelation in Dan’s angling, year-round. Coating the final mix in a lashing of Smart Liquid enhances the mix’s attraction and will keep the Carp visiting your spot for extended periods.



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