The US-based nurse and former clinical documentation specialist Vicki Dulaney expressed her sorrow and grief and remembered her last conversation with her late friend and Soldier Dalton Medlin, “Gimli.”

Dalton Medlin served four years of his life in the US Army. He was then sent to Ukraine to volunteer its people and fight for their freedom.


Vicki DuLaney expressed her sorrow and shared that this week was unimaginable. Their worst fears became a reality on September 27th, 2023, when the fearless hero Dalton lost his life to save his Ukrainian people.

While sharing her extreme sorrow and grief, she said, ” Our hero will not be returning home. We are heartbroken.”

In a Long Facebook Caption, she shared that Dalton knew he was meant to serve their nation from a very young age. It’s in his blood. He was sent to the Army within months of high school graduation to volunteer and serve the Ukrainian people.

“He served four years in the US Army from 18-23. When he did not reenlist, we were relieved. Dalton wasn’t home long before he asked me to meet him and Mom for lunch.” Vicki added.

“He told us he was going to Ukraine to volunteer and fight for Ukraine and their freedom. We couldn’t fathom why he would want to do this. EVERYONE tried to talk him out of going,” she continued, expressing her deep feelings.

Furthermore, Vicki also made certain revelations about his life. She added, “Some conversations getting downright confrontational. He remained calm and constant with his reasoning, “They need help”. We pointed out that people here need help also. He said it was different. Ukraine was fighting for their homeland against a volatile leader. He was RIGHT!!!”


Dalton paid for his flight to Poland, then took a train into Ukraine. He had a backpack with a few personal belongings and clothes. He spent months finding the right connections and getting with a well-trained unit.

Still living off the money he had saved from when he was in the Army. Dalton was not a man that needed much in the way of material things. He said he would come home when he was out of money.

“Dalton protected us fiercely. We knew we couldn’t ask questions that could jeopardize his location or safety. So our conversations were very basic: are you safe? Thankfully, we were able to keep in contact the whole time.” Vicki noted.

She also shared that he left her with a task in true baby brother fashion. He asked him to take his mom to Hawaii if anything happened to him.

While making a promise, Vicki replied, yes, don’t die, and we won’t have to worry about it. He replied with a witty comment, “hadn’t thought about that”.

That was July 11th. She wished she would have asked more or made that conversation last longer.

“We miss you, Dalton.”

“We are so PROUD of you. We are in disbelief at what you accomplished there with your team. You will always be our HERO. We mourn for ourselves.” Vicki said while expressing her deep emotions.

Later, She also rejoiced in knowing Dalton was happy and doing exactly what he wanted to do with people who loved him—fighting for good vs evil.

“Dalton was brave, fearless, dedicated, and always put his brothers first”.
Words shared by his commander.



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