The Europe-based non-profit Organization tackling waste and plastic pollution called ‘Let’s Make Cyprus Green’ and the ‘Zero Waste Cyprus’ Organisation recently participated in a summit in Sofia, Bulgaria, last week. The Summit was hosted by Za Zemiata and organized by Zero Waste Europe.

Notably, Let Make Cyprus Green is a Non-profit Organisation raising awareness of the ongoing harmful human activities affecting the environment.

The Organisation highlights the detrimental consequences of excessive waste and plastic usage, improper waste disposal, and other pressing climate-related concerns.

As per the Update, During the Summit, the European zero-waste alliances shared strategies and best practices, learning from each other’s experiences.

Let’s Make Cyprus Green Organisation emphasised their vision and said, “We deliberated on the future direction and next steps for our united mission toward a waste-free world.”

While emphasising their alliance, the Organisation shared that the experience of collaborating with such dedicated organizations to achieve mutual objectives is truly rewarding.

“Trust and cooperation stand at the heart of impactful environmental activism,” they added.

Further, the Organisation also highlighted the importance of these pillars and said that these pillars are necessary for us to save essential resources and avoid duplicating efforts.

“As volunteers who pour immense time and passion into Let’s Make Cyprus Green, it’s deeply frustrating to witness resources being misused,” they added.

“Time is of the essence, and we must harness our resources and strengths efficiently to achieve their shared vision. Anything less would hinder the progress we’re striving to make in driving positive change,” the Let Make Cyprus Green Organisation continued.

Reportedly, the Zero Waste Alliance Cyprus consists of Friends of the Earth Cyprus – Φίλοι της Γης ” Κύπρου , ZFWCY – Zero Food Waste Cyprus and @Ecological Movement and Let’s Make Cyprus Green to keep an eye out for their upcoming local initiatives.


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