Western Australia: Non-Governmental Organisation, Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia congratulated Syeda Maisara Muzaffar, a Bangladesh Migrant, for reaching the final stage of the ECU Community Leadership Award. The Youth Affairs Council recognised her efforts and dedication and marked her achievements.

Notably, the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia is a Non-Governmental Organisation supporting and ensuring the Young people of Australia.


The Organisation aims to provide a united, independent and active advocate for the non-government youth sector and young people supported and respected by the sector and the wider community. 

It also serves to provide a voice for the Youth. It also acts as a role model for defining and demonstrating youth participation. Its work is governed by four guiding principles: respectequity, integrity and the celebration of diversity.

The Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia remarked on the achievements of Sydeda Maisara Muzaffar and shared that Maisara has a passion for supporting her peers and community.

A migrant from Bangladesh, she has experienced racism and discrimination and is determined to break down barriers and support the culturally and linguistically diverse community.

 She was Head Girl of her school, a school councillor, and is now studying law. She is the youngest Cultural Ambassador for the City of Canning. 

Maisara created the MY (Multicultural Youth) Sorority to bring together young women from different backgrounds and cultures and is also a UN Youth Facilitator. 


She was elected to the Youth Parliament and Youth Leader of the Opposition. Maisara is a board member and volunteer for the not-for-profit charity Ubuntu Australia.

Further, the YACWA shared that one can purchase tickets for the WA Youth Awards and click on the link in their Facebook bio, as the tickets are already limited.



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