Washing, USA: The Non-Profit Organisation, called UVF is thrilled to share that its CEO, Nataliya Vyetrova, had an opportunity to participate in the W4UA Summit last week, organized by the W4UA Foundation.

The UVF, Ukraine Voldya Foundation, is the Washington, United States, Non-profit Organisation that primarily offers humanitarian aid and social support for Ukraine.


Reportedly, the W4UA (World for Ukraine) Summit was recently held in Poland.

The Summit was attended by several non-profit and charity organizations, who were driven by their deep commitment to fostering connections with colleagues, partners, and critical figures actively engaged in the humanitarian response within Ukraine.

There were interactions and collaborations are of great importance in effectively addressing the challenges confronting the Ukraine region at the Summit.

Also, this initiative to establish and emphasize the Code of Conduct for Organizations sustainably operating in Ukraine was appreciated by several countries.

As per the Update, This Summit has brought together international organizations worldwide, united by the United State’s shared love for Ukraine and their dedication to positively changing this country.

The UVF engaged in thought-provoking discussions throughout the Summit brainstormed innovative ideas, and collaborated with other organizations committed to driving positive transformation in Ukraine.


They stated that the Summit was an empowering experience surrounded by many inspiring changemakers.

The Summit addressed pressing issues like humanitarian relief, combating disinformation, and the nation’s post-war reconstruction. The diverse perspectives and expertise the speakers and attendees shared broadened their horizons.

Further, they also shared some of the Interesting panels for them, which were:

Ukrainians’ mental health. Challenges during and after the #warinukraine
This panel adopted a comprehensive view of mental health, addressing the implications of the war on the people in Ukraine and abroad.

Psychological well-being of Ukrainian youth. This panel aimed to identify the main criteria for providing such assistance by drawing on the speakers´ professional and practical experience.

Impact of Education on children’s mental health.

The UVF Organisation shared that Witnessing the collective strength and determination at the Summit was heartwarming. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

CEO Natalia was leaving the W4UA Summit with the words, ” I am more convinced than ever that each of us has the power to make a difference, no matter how big or small.”

At last, the UVF also urged people to continue working together, hand in hand, to build a brighter future for Ukraine.



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