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In turn-based mini-games, the Pet Combat System allows players to use their companion pets to catch wild pets to add to their set. They fight NPC pet tamers and test their abilities against other players. The participating pets are rewarded with experience for winning a battle, which encourages them to earn levels, improve their strength, and unlock new abilities to fight. 

What are WoW Pet Battles?

Pet battles are similar to the popular Pokémon video game series. They are designed to be enjoyable and casual, recording just the number of wins and not the number of losses. Players must learn the Inv pet battle pet training.png skill from a Battle Pet Trainer, available for 10 Gold.png at level 5, to compete in pet battles. The capacity extends to all characters on the player’s account at

Description :

Azeroth is home to a number of creatures, some big and menacing, some very tiny. In order to call their own, heroes travelling the world can collect pets. However, the smallest denizens of Azeroth are just as fierce as the monsters facing world champions in epic battles. Players can capture wild pets with the Pet Battle system, train them to grow stronger, create teams for battle, and even pit their pets against other players. 

How many types of pets are there?

There are ten types or families of pets, each with a distinctive passive ability. Each type of pet is weak against another type of pet damage (taking 150 per cent damage) and powerful against one type of pet damage (taking only 67% damage from that type of attack). For example, an additional 50 per cent damage is taken by a Beast pet from a mechanical attack but takes 33 per cent less damage from a humanoid ability. 

A pet, however, often has different abilities from its type. For example, the Inv pet mechanicalchicken.png [Mechanical Chicken] has Peticon-flying.png Inv misc Birkbeck 01.png [Peck], which is an attack of the Flying-type. At the same time, the Mechanical Chicken is a Mechanical type itself. 

Although usually fair, the type of pet may not always correspond to expectations. For instance, Peanut, the baby elephant, is of the Critter type, while Maggot is considered a beast. Likewise, the Undead Blighted Squirrel is of the type of Critter (not Undead). Whereas the Undead flying Blighthawk is of the type of Undead (not Flying). 

How many types of pet qualities are there?

Collectable pets come in four types of quality: poor, common, uncommon and rare. For each pet’s stats, quality works as a direct multiplier. Poor quality pets have the lowest stats, followed by common pets, then unusual pets, with rare pets having the highest stats of all. It is possible to determine the quality of pets through the corresponding colour of their names.

Although player pets are restricted to the above qualities, there are epic and legendary pets. Most max-level pet tamers use epic pets, while legendary pets appear in both 15.png ​Beasts of Fable combat pet quests. At present, there are no pets of these attributes that players can purchase.

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What are the WoW Pet Battles and how many types are there?