Women have struggled and are floundering to get recognition for their achievements in science as their contributions are under-represented, as per the United Nations. On Friday, February 11, 2022, United Nations have recognised the contribution and innovation of Women in the field of science and celebrated Women Science Day across the globe.

United Nations have appealed to the world and asserted that the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is recalled on February 11, every year and cited,” We call for women’s full and equal access in the field of science and wants to encourage their participation in science”.


It further noted that today, the world is celebrating the Day for those women leading in the field and spectacular performances around the world.

While reminiscing women’s performance in the field of science, United Nations took to Twitter and noted,” Women scientists are under-represented & struggle to get recognition for their achievements, including their invaluable contributions in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic”.

It further encouraged girls and gave a huge message to society and underscored that this is high time to challenge stereotypes and everybody should get benefited from the fact of diversity and underlined,” Let us push the boundaries of innovation! All the people across the world is celebrating Women in Science Day on February 11, 2022″.

At the same time, European Commission has also celebrated Women Science Day and took to Twitter to wish everyone. It mentioned that today is Women Science Day, and this Day could be a reminder for us to do more to strengthen girls working in science, technology and engineering. European Commission further accentuated,” We will only reach our full potential if we use all our talent and diversity.


Moreover, United Nations for Women also commented on the Day and pointed out,” Happy Women In Science Day! Let’s smash stereotypes, defy gender bias and defeat discrimination that holds girls back in Science, Tech, Engineering and Math”.

As per the data of the United Nations on the contribution of women in a different field, only 33 percent of researchers are women, and they have gotten less applauding and research funding than men and don’t get the eligible promotion.

Moreover, in the private sector too, the numbers of girls in the company leadership and in the technical roles in tech industries are lesser than men. United Nations report stated that only 22 percent of women are working as a professional in artificial intelligence, while only 28 percent of women are graduates in engineers.

United Nations further noted that this glaring underrepresentation are limiting the ability of the girls, and they are not finding inclusive benefits. So, to combat these issues, people across the globe have to find inclusive, sustainable solutions to modern problems and have to build a better society for all.

United Nations further encourage girls and stressed, “Don’t let anyone tell you that math & science is not for you! These leaders in science have an important message about why opening doors for girls & benefits everyone”.

Meanwhile, Nobel Prize also took to Twitter and wished,” We’re celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Let’s look back on the life of Marie Skłodowska Curie: a Nobel Prize laureate who dedicated her life to science and became one of the world’s greatest scientists”.



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