Western Australia: The Youth Affairs Council congratulated the Home Stretch WA Community programme. The Programme has recently reached the final stage of the Youth Focus Setor Collaboration Award 2023.

Reportedly, the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia is a Non-Governmental Organisation working effectively towards strengthening human relations.


They aim to work towards engaging in Human activities and strengthening the trust, cooperation, collaboration, professionalism and voice of the non-government youth service sector to serve the young people of Western Australia better.

The YACWA provides a voice and acts as a role model for defining and demonstrating youth participation. Their work guides their four pillars, including respect, equity, integrity and the celebration of diversity.

The Youth Affairs Council also remarked on some key highlights of the Programme. 

As per the information shared, the Home Stretch WA program supports young people leaving Home Care in Western Australia, with the option to continue receiving support until age 21.

The program is being implemented by the Department of Communities in partnership with Anglicare WA and Yorganop, facilitating the Community of Practice (CoP) function.

Young people have been at the heart of the design, development and delivery of the Home Stretch WA COP since its inception. 


The Home Stretch WA Youth Advisory Group helped design the functions of the CoP and created the job description and roles for lived experience consultants employed within the CoP. 

Five young people have been employed as lived experience consultants, including two young Aboriginal people and one young person with a disability.

The collective efforts of Yorganop, AnglicareWA, Bloodwood Tree, MG Corporation, Broome Youth and Families Hub, Marra Warra Warra Corporation, Jungarni-Jutiya, Robe River Karuma, Salvation Army, Mission Australia, South West Aboriginal Medical Service, Wanslea, Streeties, Albany Youth Support Association form the Community of Practice.



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