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Amazon: The new manufacturing site of the Fire TV Stick in India


Amazon is an American multinational technology company that focuses mainly on e-commerce, artificial intelligence, digital streaming, and cloud computing. The headquarter of is in Seattle, Washington. It is one of the five biggest Information Technology company.


Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on 5 July 1994 as an online site for the selling of books but later expanded to sell other products. For instance, apparel, toys, furniture, electronic devices, and others. It is trendy globally, and in the year 2018, it has surpassed almost 100 million users.  It is also one of the largest Internet companies when it comes to revenue. Amazon is a massive online marketplace and lives streaming platform.


Amazon manufactures a few quality gadgets, which are as follow,

Echo and Alexa – Control and play music, get information just by using your voice, and even talk to the device.

Kindle – The ultimate best device for all avid readers in the world. The gadget can store up to 1000 books.

Fire Tablets – An entertainment pack to watch all your favorite movies and series at a very affordable price.

Fire TV- The TV set is just beyond a normal one with the facility of playing music, surfing YouTube, playing games, talking to Alexa, and binge-watching your favorite TV series or movies of Netflix, HBO, Disney Max, and Prime Video.

Amazon New Site for Manufacture of Fire TV Stick

Recently, announced that it would start manufacturing the Fire TV stick, a streaming device in India. The device’s manufacturing process would start later in 2021 at Cloud Network Technology, a Foxconn subsidiary in Chennai, India. According to the blog, which made the official announcement of the manufacturing site, it is said that the device will fulfill the demand in India and look for new sites for the manufacture in different parts of India.

Amazon is definitely growing and expanding its business through smart moves of products and manufactures of gadgets and devices in several countries.

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