In the 95th Separate Assault from the Armed General Forces of Ukraine, Brigade Maxim, a doctor with an injured hand, saved the Ukrainian fighters and shared the experience of being a Combat medic in the Forces.

As per the Update, The 95th Separate Assault from the Armed General Forces of Ukraine, Brigade Maxim had to help the injured when his one hand was injured. Maxim is an experienced paramedic; before the army, he worked in an ambulance and was prepared for any injury. But the full-scale war has thrown new challenges.


During the conversation with the sources, He shared his experience as a Doctor and Para-Medic and some of his journey’s key points. At first, the Doctor, when asked about his journey, shared that there are no days off for a combat medic. If fighters from different units can rest between combat positions, the paramedic is either zeroing in with his brothers or training in tactical medicine.

“I will never be satisfied with the maximum knowledge and skills required to know by the standards of every military, that is, putting on a harness, using an occlusion sticker or wound tamponade.” “I always try to tell my guys more, share purely medical life hacks, so that they are prepared for any situation, and it will save their lives,” says a medician from the unit of the 95th Separate Assault Brigade Maxim.

As for training, Maxim is very tough during tactical medicine training – no poking. Everything must be done perfectly and faster than usual.

“a fighter can pass training with takmedicini a hundred times, but it will not release him from another repetition. I coach them until they can’t do it with their eyes closed and with one arm. Well, the fight can be at night, or one hand is injured, and you need to put a harness on the leg not to bleed,” Maxim explains.

“It happened that several dozens were injured from our team and other units at once. In the spring of last year, they stood under the village of Kurul щемki, so all the neighbouring brigades were carried to me because I was the only Doctor there, – recalls Maxim. – provided help and prisoners. Somehow, one Russian came out to us to surrender so we could help him. He had some pretty serious injuries. It turned out that his people had thrown him away, did not provide any help and just ran away, leaving him to die”.

Behind Maxim’s shoulders is a vast experience, which he already shares with foreign colleagues during his studies abroad.


“Of course, we try to make the most of the learners to improve our work. And such businesses abroad are beneficial. But we already have such experience that we sometimes teach foreigners. Yes, it was there
“When we were sent to combat medical courses in the Czech Republic, their instructors were surprised to learn that their protocols for evacuating the wounded in practice wouldn’t work.”

They were shocked when we told them what languages fighters managed to work and evacuate. Eventually, they began to change their program, bringing it closer to the conditions of full-scale warfare. After all, they never worked during the actual combat in our country,” says the Doctor.



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