Over 95% of Belgians who contacted the producers of Kinder products, which Italian manufacturer Ferrero makes, have received compensation, including 40 cases relating to medical compensation as a result of salmonella infection, according to local media reports.

As of 18 May, 324 salmonella infections were recorded across the European Union and the United Kingdom as a result of the consumption of Kinder products made at a factory in Arlon, Wallonia.


Salmonella poisoning is most severe in young children, where it can lead to organ failure and other long-lasting sicknesses. Unfortunately, much of Ferrero’s Kinder products are aimed towards children, leading to a wave of hospitalizations.

One hundred fifty thousand requests for compensation were made in France, and a further 10,000 requests made in Belgium. In the Benelux area alone, around 550 tonnes of products have been recalled.

According to a follow-up investigation, faulty filter in a dairy butter tank, which caused salmonella to enter into the products. The first case of salmonella was reported on 15 December, but production resumed after tests revealed no further contamination.

Ferrero has taken a significant financial hit from the crisis. The brand now estimates that 60% of its customer base no longer trust its products, and over 2 million in compensation has already been given to customers.

According to the General Manager of Ferrero France, the recall of Ferrero products was one of the largest of its kind in over twenty years.