US Embassy in Riga, Latvia, visits Rezekne, met Ambassador Robinson

The members of the United States Embassy in Riga, Latvia, recently met with the United States Ambassador Christopher Robinson at Rezekne. They also discussed ways to strengthen their relationships and looked forward to collaborating in several areas.

Embassy of Belgium in Greece and Cyprus welcomes new members Flora Apostolidou and Alida Petroulaki

The Embassy of Belgium in Greece and Cyprus welcomed their new interns, Flora Apostolidou and Alida Petroulaki, to their team. The Embassy honoured them and introduced them to everyone at their Embassy. The Embassy also marked several critical points about them.

American-based Trumpeter & Music Composer Chris Botti launches schedule of live music concert 2023

American Trumpeter and Music Composer Chris Botti has recently announced the schedule of his live music concert for the Asian and European Tour 2023 to emerge from July 10, 2023, to September 12, 2023.

‘Mission Without Borders UK’ Organisation volunteers material & physical support to Ukraine

The Eastern Europe-based Christian Charity Community Organisation, which is being identified as 'Mission Without Borders UK', expressed concern over the Russian-Ukraine invasion and shared some updates about its volunteers supplying material and physical help to the people of Ukraine affected by it.

Europe-based Traveller, Trekking with T shares his experience after sailing with MSC Grandiosa

A Europe-based traveller, identified as Trekking with T on Facebook, shared his experience of his recent journey in MSC Gradiosa. He was sailing around the European region, and it was the fifth time he was cruising with them.

Amid rising heat, Knokke-Heist will punish people for walking bare-torso on streets

Amid the scorching heat and rising mercury level, people are trying to their best to keep themselves cool against this burning heat.

EU releases new map showing how alarming weather situation is

Extreme heat is lasting for longer than usual as it is felt around the whole of Europe, making it the most burning issue around the continent.

Number of Tunisian migrants arrived in Italy between January and May is 2,206: FTDES

Around 950 undocumented Tunisian migrants, including 354 minors, has arrived in Italy in the month of May, as per reported by an NGO in Tunisia.

Belgium: Fishing industry turnover rose by 7.8% to €60.8 million in 2021, says Statbel

Despite a reduced total catch by Belgian fishing vessel last year (down 5.5% on 2020 levels), the industry turnover rose by 7.8% to €60.8 million last year.

Florennes Air Base in Wallonia will be remodelled to make way for arrival of MQ-9B UAV

The Florennes Air Base in Wallonia will be significantly remodelled over the course of several years to make way for the arrival of new MQ-9B unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), as per reports.

Over 28% of Brussels residents feel less secure on streets due to e-scooters: Reports

Over 28% of residents of Brussels feel less secure on the street due to a rise in shared mobility vehicles, especially e-scooters, as per the Urban Road Safety Index of Cyclomedia.

Romanian Coast Guard intercepts fishing vessel containing dozens of migrants

The Romanian Coast Guard has blocked a fishing boat which was containing dozens of migrants from Turkey.

Number of data leaks reported by Belgium’s Data Protection Authority increases: Reports

The number of data leaks recorded by Belgium's Data Protection Authority, APD, increased significantly last year.

Belgium: 95% people receives compensation by Ferrero as result of salmonella infection

Over 95% of Belgians who contacted the producers of Kinder products, which Italian manufacturer Ferrero makes, have received compensation.

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French-Chinese SVOM Satellite Launches to Unravel Cosmic Mysteries of Gamma-Ray Bursts

The French-Chinese SVOM satellite launch signifies a pivotal moment in global space collaboration, poised to enhance our grasp of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). These bursts, born from colossal stellar explosions or compact star mergers, emit energy flashes exceeding the brightness of any known stars

France Stifled Without Mbappe: Draws Blank Against Netherlands in Euro 2024 Clash

His absence proved telling as Les Bleus struggled to find the net, settling for a goalless draw that highlighted their dependency on the 25-year-old's dynamic presence. France, a squad brimming with talent across all lines, found themselves lacking the cutting edge that Mbappe typically injects into their play

Paris’ Seine River Fails Water Quality Tests, Jeopardizing Olympic Swimming Events

Marc Guillaume, the prefect of the Paris region, confirmed the disheartening results. "Samples from the Seine do not meet the standards we will have this summer," he stated, highlighting the ongoing concerns regarding water quality as the Games approach, scheduled from July 26 to August 11

French Swimmer’s Olympic Celebration Turns Painful After Shoulder Injury

Medical personnel promptly treated Fente-Damers on-site before transferring him to a nearby hospital for further assessment. Details regarding the exact nature and severity of his shoulder injury remain undisclosed, prompting concern and anticipation for updates on his condition

Kylian Mbappé Set to Wear Mask, Likely to Play Against Netherlands

Speaking to reporters before Friday's crucial match, Deschamps expressed confidence in Mbappé's progress. "Everything is going well after the shock we had. He was able to take part in some light exercises yesterday, and that will be the same this evening