The Embassy of Belgium in Greece and Cyprus welcomed their new members, Flora Apostolidou and Alida Petroulaki, to their team. The Embassy honoured them and introduced them to everyone at their Embassy. The Embassy also marked several critical points about them.

The new member Alida Petroulaki joined the Belgium Embassy in Greece and Cyprus in July 2023. As per the Embassy, Alida took the reins in a multi-functional administrative position.


She has a background with the Netherlands embassy, and her knowledge and experience come to good use in this diversified position where she has to tackle daily challenges.

Alida’s passions come to life as she harmonizes with her band, sculpts artistry in pottery classes, and cherishes moments with her loved ones.
She is an avid traveller and reader who finds the greatest joy in life’s simplest pleasures.

While joining the Embassy of Belgium, she felt pleasure. In Alida’s words: “Being part of this team feels like home to me, while embodying both my Greek and Dutch sides, I am thrilled to discover more about this new Belgian diplomatic work environment.”

The other new member, Flora Apostolidou is the Embassy’s new intern, she is a Consular and Social media assistant. While introducing her, The Embassy proudly welcomed her and mentioned some of her deserving qualities to the people.

The new intern, Flora, at the Embassy of Belgium to Greece and Cyprus, is a dynamic young woman studying Multilingual Communication at ULB.

“During her 4-month stay, Flora will assist both the consular and social media teams. She is eager to learn about diplomacy, international relations and cultural exchange and has already gained insight into the Embassy services, online communication, and public diplomacy events.
She enjoys playing chess, board games, and modern dance in her free time. She is quite a polyglot as well,” said Embassy


Flora is very excited to be part of the team and finds it “a unique privilege to discover more about the important role of an Embassy in all its aspects in the country of my cultural heritage.”


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