The Germany-based non-profitable and charitable organisation named World Vision Deutschland raised their concern over the Syria earthquake, which has majorly affected many people’s lives. They also shared the story of a 66 years old Abu Hashim, a loving father of 8 children and six grandchildren.

The Germany-based Organisation World Vision Deutschland is a Non-profitable and international Children’s Charity organisation that focuses on the nation’s sustainable and regional development and supports humanitarian assistance and advocacy.


Recently, the World Vision Deutschland Organisation has come forward to address the situation in Syria and the number of lives affected by it. In a recent conversation with a refugee, Abu Hashim, he shared his situation in Syria. He shared, “As an expatriate, I lost everything. I’ve lost my house and country, and we’re in the cold. ”

As per the Update, Abu Hashim is 66 years old and a loving father of 8 children and six grandchildren. They are currently living in a refugee camp in northwest Syria.

The earthquake affected numerous houses, and the water supply was damaged, leaving thousands of people without access to water.

This leads, among other things, to the spread of diseases.

With the help of World Vision, water stations could be set up. The water station Abu Hashim supports is one of six in the camps – it is charged with solar energy for five hours a day. During this time, the water is thoroughly chlorinated to ensure maximum cleanliness and freshness.

The World Vision Deutschland extended its pride. After a disaster, World Vision stays where it is, helping to rebuild communities and give people a new perspective for the long term. A particular focus is on disaster preparedness so vulnerable communities are better prepared for crises.

They shared, “This is possible only through our good disaster preparedness, which we can develop thanks to your donations.”


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