The Eastern Europe-based Christian Charity Community Organisation, which is being identified as ‘Mission Without Borders UK’, expressed concern over the Russian-Ukraine invasion and shared some updates about its volunteers supplying material and physical help to the people of Ukraine affected by it.

‘Mission Without Borders UK’ is a Charitable working Organisation in Eastern Europe since 1960. It aims to serve the spiritual, educational, emotional and material needs of those suffering the effects of poverty or persecution. Over the past two years, the Mission Without Borders Organisation has been working to serve and support Ukraine’s people and continuously providing material support to its citizens.


While expressing their concern, Mission Without Borders Organisation took to their official social media handle today, Monday, July 10, 2023. They also shared some glimpses of the people they have been able to help.

On their official social media handle, Mission Without Borders Organisation added, “Your help gives hope and comfort to the Ukrainian people. It’s been nearly a year and a half since the war in Ukraine broke out…”

Further, the Mission Without Borders Organisation also shared about distributing emergency goods and services to people nationwide. They also expressed their pleasure in being able to help and support these people.

“Our employees and volunteers in the country have distributed emergency parcels nationwide. The need for food, water, clothing, blankets and other emergency assistance is still very significant.
Because of your support, here’s some glimpses of people we have been able to help.” they further quoted.

Reportedly, Mission Without Borders is committed to making a lasting impact on the vulnerable across Eastern Europe. Their comprehensive programs provide ongoing emotional, spiritual, and material support to those facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, helping them thrive rather than survive.

From safe after-school programs and summer camps for children to vocational training and employment advice for families, the Organisation offers long-term, holistic approaches that enable individuals to create a better future.