Belgium celebrated World Humanitarian Day 2023 on Saturday, August 19, 2023, to honour humanitarians who strive to meet ever-growing global needs, regardless of the hardships and dangers they face and protect the people in need.

Humanitarians have no purpose but to save and protect lives and deliver the necessities of life. They stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the communities they serve and bring hope.


On August 19, the Government and the people of Belgium came together to honour humanitarians who strive to meet ever-growing global needs. No matter the danger or the hardship, humanitarians venture deep into disaster-stricken regions and, on the front lines of conflict, strive to save and protect people in need.

Humanitarians are united by a shared mission to save and protect lives. They will never compromise on humanitarian principles and always strive to make the best decisions for the people they serve.

Humanitarian work is difficult and dangerous, but the people keep their commitment to overcome the challenges and deliver life-saving assistance to needy people.

On World Humanitarian Day, The people of Belgium also paid tribute to humanitarians and called for their protection. Humanitarian workers are active in disaster-stricken regions and on the front lines of conflict, including in Ukraine. They risk their lives to bring vital support to people in need.

The figures from the UN speak for themselves. In 2022, 116 aid workers were killed while saving others. Over the first eight months of 2023, at least 149 aid workers have been attacked while carrying out their life-saving work.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq, that killed 22 humanitarian aid workers.
Belgian humanitarian aid is channelled through international humanitarian organizations and several specialized NGOs.


Belgium ranks 13th among the world’s humanitarian donors and will continue to support its humanitarian partners worldwide.


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