The Belgium Embassy in Abu Dhabi shared an update of March 25, 2023, celebrated as International Waffle Day, which celebrates waffles, including their origin and history, with a surprise holiday best observed by the people, especially in Belgium, all day by eating waffles. Unsurprisingly the Day International Waffle Day has now become a hit. Also, It is initially observed in Sweden, but now eager stomachs worldwide embrace this day. The people plug in their waffle maker and tuck into some mouth-watering treats.

Reportedly, International Waffle Day is celebrated every year on March 25. Especially in Belgium, this is a significant day as waffles are one of the national specialities with the world-famous Brussels and Liège waffles. This Belgian delicacy waffle is also an excellent idea for Iftars during the holy month of Ramadan.


Waffles came to Sweden in the early 1600s and quickly spread to nearby lands. These are often eaten with jams and fruits. The waffles have established themselves as a most beloved and yummy treat to be eaten at all times of the day. Also, an event celebrated on waffles called Våffeldagen, which sounds remarkably closest to the religious Vårfrudagen with the merged traditions.
As time passed, a wider variety of waffles emerged in the town. With time, waffles have become sweeter after adding butter and sugar to the recipes; in the early 1700s, the Belgian waffle was created much thicker than the previous waffles with deeper grids. Now The Belgian variation has more filling with more jam and cream too.

Notably, International Waffles Day resulted from a mispronunciation that brought two holidays together. In Sweden, the March 25 Day is known as Våffeldagen, which celebrates the Virgin Mary’s conception. Because of this linguistic connection, it became customary for Swedish families to celebrate Vårfrudagen with waffles on Our Lady Day. That’s how International Waffle Day ended up being celebrated on March 25.


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