Brussels: The Flemish region of Belgium has taken the initiative to strengthen the Aforestration by launching a campaign of creating more woods in the area. The government of Flemish has informed that they are launching the campaign in order to encourage the landowners to generate more woods on the land. 

Through the campaign, the government will provide a total of €25,000 per hectare of land to the people who would come to be part of the initiative and take proper measures to increase the afforestation in the region. 


Further, the government of Flemish has aspired that by the end of 2024, Flanders wants to create an extra 4000 hectares of woods. In order to fulfil the goal, the government informed that they would launch the media campaign. The main motive of the campaign would be to trigger or focus the landowners on aiding the government in the initiative and administering the authorities to achieve the goal. 

While emphasising the initiative, the environment minister of Flemish Zuhal Demir noted,” It happens for the very first time that we have not witnessed any lack of support from the government of Belgium in terms of resources. Still, there is a lack of land to provide the extra woods”. 

Moreover, the Flemish nature preservation agency Nature en Bos asserted that they would cover the purchase of the necessary trees, and the website would be provided to them to check the number of the plantation of the trees in the region. 

Further, the website will assist the landowners could be contacted for the exploratory talk and give them permission to them that how and what type of trees should be planted and when. 

As per the survey conducted by iVOX on behalf of the Agency for Nature and Forests mentioned that nine out of ten people would love to be created, and they are planting wood in the forests as they know that this will held them to curtail greenhouse warming and improve biodiversity and air quality. 




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