A man was shot in the Place De Brouckere district in the Brussels on Saturday evening, as confirmed by the Brussels-Ixelles police. Security forces are now searching for the perpetrators.

The police have received the information about the incident during late evening after receiving calls on the 100 emergency number. Witnesses reported a number of shots fired in the centre of the capital.


According to the reports, the security perimeter was installed around Place De Brouckère. The actual circumstances of the shooting remain unknown, as does the identity of the victim, who received six shots to the body, back, and leg.

The Brussels public prosecutor’s office has took the responsibility of the case. Police say they are deploying the maximum means to find the perpetrator(s) of the shots.

Following the police response, the Mayor of Brussels, Phillippe Close has also released a statement condemning the shooting and assuring that the police are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the visitors to the capital.

“I hope the police can arrest the culprits as soon as possible. Many patrols have been mobilized. I want to emphasise that everyone should be able to feel safe in Brussels and we are doing everything we can with the help of the police services.”


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