The State Archives Agency celebrated International Archives Day in Bulgaria on Friday, June 9, 2023, this year under the motto “United Archives” and dedicated to the 75th anniversary of establishing the International Council of Archives.

On the occasion of the holiday, the Chairman of the Agency Assoc. Dr Mikhail Gruev congratulated the archives college and sent wishes, first of all, for health and preserving the boldness and love of the profession of an archivist. D.C. Gruev commended the State Central Archives on its 30th anniversary, on which the exhibition “Buried Memory” was opened in the Archives exhibition hall. From the treasury of the CDA “.


As per the Update, the Director of the Central Administrative District, Mrs Snejana Petkova-Vladimirova, presented the exhibition containing the most valuable and unique documents stored in the Archive, such as the Turnovo Constitution and the Constitution of Bulgaria from 1911. (T. sun. Silver Constitution) and Prince Ferdinand I Manifesto for the Declaration of Bulgaria’s Independence.

Ms Petkova-Vladimirova stressed that many documents are showing up for the first time. The exhibition curators are Jordan Zhelev, Head of the Department “Use of Archive Funds” in the Central Administrative District, Margaret Poppetrova and Dimitar Nitsov – experts in the same direction.

In chronological order, some of the oldest documents, such as t. sun. Shopov – Karadimov Psalm from the XIV century. And Claudius Ptolemey’s “Geography” was translated into Italian in 1561. Of interest is the high honours shown within the exhibition, such as the Order “Stara Planina” – 1st degree by Director Valo Radev since 2002. and the Order of Osmanie – I degree from 1883, as well as letters from prominent Bulgarian personalities. The exhibition also promotes artistic work, as some of the famous works of our artists are preserved in the CDA archive funds.

The exhibition can be visited until June 30, 2023—every business day from 9.00 to 5.30 pm.
The festive event continued with the awarding of nominees in several categories.

Two are the distinguished officers of 2022. :
– Mr Petar Sheikov, Head of the State Archive Department – Kyustendil, for high professionalism, initiative, contribution to the implementation of the strategic and operational goals of the Agency, contribution to the raising of its prestige, as well as received external evaluation for the work carried out.

– Mr Krasimir Bochev, Chief Expert in the Department of State Archive – Vratsa, for professional knowledge and skills and proven contribution to raising the prestige of the Agency and receiving external evaluation for the activities carried out.


The award-winning teams of 2022 are also two: Department “State Archive” – Vratsa to the Directorate of “Regional State Archive” – Montana and Directorate “State Military Historical Archive” – Veliko Turnovo for their contribution in acquiring documents of personalities and organizations significant to Bulgarian history and raising the prestige of DA “Archives”.

This year, Mrs Petya Pancheva, Head of the Department “Formation, Storage and Preservation of Archive Funds” in the Directorate “State Military Historical Archive” – Veliko Tarnovo, was awarded a certificate for timely and adequate actions and measures to prevent the destruction of documents and to limit flood damage on 05/30/2023, at the building of the Archives.

The “Reader of 2022″ ” is an excellent Mr Alexander Yoshevski, who used the most documents in the CDA readings for his studies on the Bulgarian origin of Macedonian citizens.

The distinction for “Donor of 2022” “was presented to Mrs Julia Bankova for the valuable documents she donated to the artist Nikolay Vladov-Shmirgela, registered as an additional receipt to his fund in the Central Administrative District.


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