The Bulgarian Minister of Culture Nayden Todorov opened the Bulgarian pavilion, with which we recently participated in the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale – 2023 and highlighted some crucial things from the Exhibition.

During presenting the speech at the opening of the Exhibition in the Bulgarian Pavilion, The Minister of Culture Nayden Todorov pointed out that the Exhibition presented a significant problem. “And the problem he poses will worry us, will demand a solution because what the exhibition represents are abandoned places that were full of life and a symbol of prosperity,” the Minister of Culture said. He also thanked the authors and Vice President Mrs Iliana Yotova for performing under her patronage.


The Minister also added, “As we are on the eve of the national holiday of Bulgaria, May 24 – the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius and the Bulgarian alphabet, I am tempted to recall the favourite verses from our university anthem: “Go, science is the sun that shines in the souls!” “-

Curator Boris Tikvarski thanks on behalf of the author team for the opportunity to realize this important project. In addition to him, the group attended the Arch: Bozhidara Valkova and photographer Alexander Dumarey.

Among the official guests of the event was another deputy. – Minister of Culture Marina Vasileva, our Ambassador to Italy Todor Stoyanov, our Honorary Consul in Italy for the Veneto region – Pierre Giovanni Kozmo, prof. The Arch of Dr Todor Bulev – Union of Architects, Arch Chairman. Vladimir Milkov – Chairman of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, Arch. Alexander Stainov from the Ministry of Culture, Commissioner of our national participation.

Minister Todorov’s official congratulatory address on our national participation also says: “Bulgaria has not participated in the Venice Architecture Exhibition since 2008—this way. The overall organization of our presence here today has been implemented by the Cultural Ministry of Bulgaria with the active participation of the Chamber of Architects, the Union of Architects and the Union of Urbanists in Bulgaria.

Together, we built a transparent and sustainable procedure through which we chose curators and authors to represent our country with dignity at the World Architecture Forum. I wish all visitors of the National Pavilion of Bulgaria to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this Exhibition, to feel its message, and to participate in the march to the light that every creator aspires! “.

“Education is the movement from darkness to light” is the theme of the curator project with which our country participated in the international Exhibition after a 15-year interruption. The project was chosen after a national competition organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and the Union of Architects.


POV Architects’ “Education is the movement from darkness to light” project addresses the issue of depopulation and abandoned schools in small towns. According to the project’s authors, empty buildings can inspire new life, so through our pavilion, they aim for public discussion and active information exchange.

Curators Boris Tikvarski, Bozhidara Valkova and Maria Gyaurova partner with Belgian photographer Alexander Dumarey to visually illustrate the process of abandoning and depopulation of entire villages and regions. The Exhibition’s scenery is more than just a backdrop – it’s a platform for deep insight and reflection that encourages visitors to dialogue about our challenges.

The excellent choice of the Titiano Hall with the adjacent courtyard helps the entire presentation of the Bulgarian project. The Ministry of Culture managed to rent the exhibition space until 2025. , which is an excellent prerequisite for a successful appearance for our country in the next Biennale.

Bulgaria’s participation in the prestigious forum in 2023. is under the patronage of the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Iliana Yotova.
The 18th Architectural Exhibition in Venice is titled “Laboratory of the Future”.

Organizers explain: “As Hemingway, who has ended his day mid-sentence, the “Laboratory of the Future” will end with an open question: What’s next? Archive of the Future is a visual account of the processes, drawings, discussions, ideas, conversations, old arguments, suggestions and new understandings that collectively brought this Exhibition to life. The laboratory of the future is not a didactic exhibition.

It needs to confirm directions, offer solutions, and give lessons. Instead, it is conceived as a rupture, a catalyst for change, in which the exchange between participant, exhibitor, and visitor is not passive or predetermined. ”
The Venice Biennial takes place from May 20 to November 26, 2023. , and the pre-opening is on May 18 and 19.