Canada-based Theatre Company Deep Cove Folk Music Society is going for its 44th season, and this year, they have planned to bring great acoustic music to the Peninsula.

Deep Cove Folk Music company’s first Club night will be on Friday, September 8, 2023, at their favourite church hall, St. John’s United (10990 West Saanich Road). The show will begin at 7:30.


They are starting this season with a real bang! Winter Wilson is a duo from the UK who are new to their stage. But they aren’t new to the scene per se, being “one of the hardest working duos on the circuit”.

They’ve performed across the UK, Germany, Australia, Spain, Canada, Belgium, and New Zealand. This is a unique opportunity for them to hear some honest journeymen (journeypersons?) from the folk world—a show not to be missed if you enjoy acoustic music that is very well done. And there’ll be lots of fun to be had too.

“I guess it’s pretty easy to figure out where the name Winter Wilson came from when you find out that this duo consists of Kip Winter and Dave Wilson,” added Deep Cove Folk Music Company.

Together, they have honed their stagecraft over years of touring. They bring “a sense of intimacy to every venue, blending superb, often hard-hitting original songs, stunning harmonies and musicianship with sometimes hilarious humour and tales of life on the road.”

Kip (vocals, accordion, guitar, flute) ​”simply has a voice to die for”, while Dave (vocals, guitar and banjo) is recognized as being among the top tier of British songwriters. His songs have been sung in folk clubs all across the UK and beyond.

And for those who enjoy hearing the human voice done up right, a British folk reviewer had to say: “In 30 years of listening to folk music, I have never heard two voices blend so perfectly.” High praise, indeed.


Deep Cove Folk Music urged people to mark Friday, September 8, at 7:30 on their calendar and plan to join them for a real bang-up evening to start Deep Cove Folk’s 2023-2024 season—”We look forward to seeing you.”

“And just in case it slipped by without your noticing, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SHOW WILL start at 7:30 (not 8:00 as in the past),” asserted Deep Cove Folk Music Society.