The Centre for Child Rights and Business, a Consultancy agency focusing on bringing improvements within supply chains and preserving child rights, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Save the Children Deutschland and Otto Group.

As per the Update, The Centre, Save the Children Deutschland and Otto Group’s effective Collaboration with these particular organisations aimed at implementing a customised WeCare programme at a supplier factory in Türkiye in the aftermath of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake. 


The Centre highlighted its objective to offer targeted support to the factory and its workforce as they navigate this challenging situation.

With this, the WeCare programme for Otto’s supplier factory encompasses tailored solutions such as psychological counselling, earthquake preparedness training, smartwatch initiatives, and family support activities.

The Centre ensured its commitment to help workers and their families overcome the challenges posed by the earthquake. To read the full article and to get more information, reach out at…/meeting-the…

Further, The Centre also urged the audience that if they are interested in exploring how the WeCare Programme can be adapted to meet the specific needs of providing a supply chain, they can reach 

“Together, we can make a meaningful impact on your business and the communities you serve,” it asserted.

Notably, the Centre for Child Rights and Business has consistently brought effective services to protect and contribute to enhancing and improving children’s lives.


Previously, they were also seeking applicants for the Consultant and Admin Assistant positions at their United States and Hong Kong offices.

The Applications for the further appointment would be scheduled to close next month, Sunday, October 15, 2023.

The Centre also urged people to Join them to work with a global purpose-driven organisation to improve the lives of children, parent workers and families.

Applicants can apply here:-