The Ministry of Civil Service is excited to unveil its innovative Internship and Graduate Trainee Programme Framework, designed to usher in a new era of professional development and growth within the Civil Service.

The Internship and Graduate Trainee Programme aims to provide aspiring professionals with a unique opportunity to commence their careers within the Government. The focus is on fostering a supportive workplace environment that prioritizes professional development and training.


As Fiji’s single largest principal employer, the Government recognizes the need for targeted programs to address workforce retention challenges and pave transition pathways.

These initiatives are strategically designed to nurture the potential of current students and recent graduates, offering them an accelerated career path within the Government.

Principles of merit, fairness, transparency, and skills development commitment will guide the engagement of Interns and Graduate Trainees.

Interns will work part-time (20 hours per week, while Graduate Trainees will work full-time (74 hours per fortnight).

Interns and Graduate Trainees will undergo induction programs and work attachments within Ministries and Departments for a non-extendable period of up to 12 months. Their performance will be assessed quarterly, and they will have opportunities for formal training, mentoring, and participation in relevant workshops.

Upon completing the programs and with satisfactory performance, Interns and Graduate Trainees will be placed in a merit pool, making them eligible for consideration for relevant vacant positions within the Civil Service.


The Ministry of Civil Service is committed to ensuring the effectiveness of this framework. It will undergo periodic reviews, with a report submitted to the Public Service Commission every 24 months or as needed.

“The Internship and Graduate Trainee Programme Framework signifies our commitment to building a dynamic and diverse workforce capable of addressing the evolving needs of Fiji,” said Mr Parmesh Chand, Permanent Secretary for Civil Service and Public Enterprises.

This framework is a testament to the Government’s dedication to nurturing fresh talent and promoting excellence in public service delivery.


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