The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium extended their heartfelt gratitude and honoured Grimbergen Abbey and his family for contributing their efforts to help and rescue Ukrainians during the Russian-Ukraine invasion. The Embassy also thanked them from the bottom of their heart.

As per the report, Grimbergen Abbey is one of the most genuine friends of Ukraine in Belgium.


Since Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine began in February 2022, many caring and kind people have extended a much-needed helping hand to Ukraine.

Grimbergen Abbey, Father Karel, and the Abbey Scouts played an important role and became a significant help and rescue for many Ukrainians who left the country and those who remained in Ukraine under Russian shelling.

Since the full-scale invasion, the Abbey has done a lot to help our country: more than 60 people were brought from Ukraine and accommodated in Flanders, 5 tonnes of medical equipment and eight ambulances were delivered to Ukraine, two schools were repaired after the bombing.

As per the Embassy’s update, More than 100,000 euros were raised for Ukraine. The Embassy extended their pleasure and thanked individuals, the municipality of Grimbergen, associations, and schools from Merchtem and Grimbergen.

Further, the Embassy also shared about Father Karel’s visit to a school in Chernihiv earlier this year, where people contributed their massive support of Father Karel for the Ukraine campaign. All the broken windows were replaced, and work began on building a bomb shelter so that students could study even during the shelling.

With great hospitality, Grimbergen Abbey welcomed Ukrainian long-standing friends and partners, Ukrainians, representatives of the diplomatic missions and many others on such an important day for every Ukrainian – Ukraine’s Independence Day.


Even though everyone who could come was away from home for one reason or another, they had the opportunity to remember, hear, and feel the Ukrainian spirit that prevailed in Grimbergen Abbey.

With extreme pleasure, the Embassy said they can’t fully express their gratitude to Grimbergen Abbey, Father Karel and all those who have helped and continue to help Ukrainians daily.

“These people with big, kind hearts have given hope and a chance for life to those from whom Russia tried to take it away,” they added.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian Embassy remarked that Grimbergen Abbey is their faithful assistant and true friend, who lent a helping hand and supported them in a difficult moment for Ukraine.


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