Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire recently shared a quote on his official social media handle, urging people to think and remain positive towards life despite the challenges it has made for them.

In order to keep his people motivated and positive towards life, Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire shared a fantastic quote with a deep, profound meaning behind it.


On his Official Facebook handle, he shared a motivational caption stating, “Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”. Defining how one’s positive thinking and approach to one’s mind could help them to transform their whole life and make it into a positive and healthy one.

Through this quote, Deputy Prime Minister Ernest emphasised the importance of having a positive mindset and thinking towards life. He also emphasised that one small positive thinking can make one calm and happiest towards their life.

With this fantastic post, the Deputy Prime Minister also conveyed that just one positive thought in the morning can change one’s whole day, while a small positive thinking every morning can help to change one’s entire life.

Further, he also shared a caption stating,” Your attitude and mindset towards any aspect of life will change your entire perspective and outcome! Let’s keep pushing. Happy Wednesday”.

Expressing the importance of having and adopting a positive and healthier attitude and approach to change one’s mindset, perspective and viewpoint on life.

Notably, Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire shares these motivating and inspirational quotes every day in order to keep his audience positive, motivated and self-captivated.


Recently, he also shared a profound quote stating, “Don’t Count the days, Make the Days Count,” encouraging people to be unique and fabulous in their own way as every day comes up with an opportunity to set themselves apart in their own unique and significant way.


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