Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire was delighted to meet the travel partners and agents on Thursday, September 14, 2023. He recognized the efforts of Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) and its staff members in promoting Saint Lucia as a visitor’s premier destination.

Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire, while remarking the efforts and contributions of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), said, “Yesterday reminded me of the hard work that the staff of the SLTA put in to ensure that Saint Lucia is promoted as a premier destination.”


While recalling his meeting, he outlined some updates from his day and shared that Thursday was a long day of updates and briefings between the travel partners and travel agents.

Deputy Prime Minister Ernest and the travel partners and agents had opportunities to discuss and work towards strengthening the nation and its tourism authority. They also got to view a couple of the Black Cabs used in the Summer Saint Lucia Style Campaign.

They also discussed their future vision to undertake and work on several aspects, including sustainable Development of the nation, improving Community Tourism, Developing new partnerships and nurturing the old ones, and increasing the use of Travel Technology.

As per the Deputy Prime Minister, the campaign involved 14 taxis with two designs that would remain on the streets for 12 months.

Further, while sharing other highlights of the day, Deputy Prime Minister Ernest added that the day ended with the 28th Saint Lucia Gala Dinner.

He extended his pleasure and shared that It was a fantastic affair which saw leaders of the diaspora and other outstanding travel partners recognized for their contribution to promoting Saint Lucia.


Furthermore, he remarked, “It was inspiring to have the talented Curmiah perform and show off the best of Saint Lucia. It was a night to remember.”



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