Coca-Cola has made an announcement about increasing its prices in Belgium. The multinational company has made the confirmation about the rising costs. The company is justifying its decision by rising costs. It added that the price paid by the final consumer would depend on the point of sale.
Coca-Cola says it is also feeling the effects of high inflation in Belgium. A spokesperson for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Belgium-the bottler that produces, distributes and sells Coca-Cola drinks in Belgium- explained.
The multinational company points, above all, to rising costs for energy, transport, labour and packaging.
The spike in price will take place in October, but Coca-Cola said it would not pass on the entire cost to customers, although it declined to specify the extent of the increase.
The final amount paid by the consumer will also depend on the brand.
Negotiations can be very tough with distributors, which sometimes leads some stores to suspend the sale of certain products.


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