The daughter of a Russian loyalist and supporter of President Vladimir Putin who stated that Russia must absorb Ukraine at all levels has been killed during a presumed car bomb attack.
The state investigators of Russia stated that the daughter of idealogue Alexander Dugin, Darya Dugina, was killed after a suspected explosive bomb which was fixed on the Toyota Land Cruiser in which she was travelling on Saturday, August 20, exploded.
A friend of Ms Dugina, Andrei Krasnov, stated that the vehicle belonged to her father, and he was presumably the target of the car attack.
Both the father and daughter went outside Moscow to attend a festival, and Ms Dugina decided to swap cars at the last moment, said the sources.
CCTV footage showed the investigators at the crime scene collecting debris and fragments.
Moscow investigations described Darya Dugina as a political expert and journalist and said that they had opened up a murder case.
They added that they would be conducting forensic examinations to find what actually happened.
They also said that they were assuming every version when it came to finding who was responsible for the brutal crime.
Alexander Dugin, Ms Dugina’s father, has long called for the unification of Russian-speaking and other regions in an extensive new Russian empire.
He wants the empire to have Ukraine, where forces of Russia are presently conducting what President Vladimir Putin claims to be a special military operation in order to demilitarise the nation.
Some Russian watchers have argued that Dugin’s influence over Putin is essential, while others have said that it is minimal. The United States has sanctioned Dugin.
Ms Dugina, who is also called by the surname Platonova and was said to be 30 years old, largely supported her father’s thoughts.
She also supported Russia’s actions against Ukraine during a live show.


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