Dominican Politician and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit recognized the tireless efforts and contributions of the hardworking men and women who make the nation great on Labours Day on Monday, April 1, 2023.

Dominican Politician and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, who has also been the Member of Parliament in Dominica since 2000, reached out to his social media handle on Monday, April 1, 2023, to wish Labours Day to all the hardworking men and women. The Prime Minister also asked people to recognize the efforts and hard work they made for the betterment of others and themselves.


Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit also shared a poster on Labours Day by the Government of Commonwealth Dominica, stating, “On this special day may your hard work and dedication be recognized and appreciated and wishing all labours a happy Labour Day”.

While appreciating and recognizing the efforts of men and women who worked hard every day and made the lives of others better, the Prime Minister shared that through these men and women’s hard work and efforts, the nation is progressing and going great. The men and women work all day consistently to serve the lives of others and to sustain their own livelihood. Therefore, the efforts and hard work made by these people must be recognized by all of us, and everyone must need to learn something from it.

With that, the Prime Minister also expressed his desire to work together and actively achieve a sustainable future. He stated, ” We must continue to work together towards a brighter and more prosperous future for everyone.” to which he meant by working harder and together, one can make the future bright and prosperous, so one must always work harder with unity and a sense of oneness to make the future brighter and prosperous.


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