The Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Manila extended their heartfelt pleasure and gratitude to introduce their BE’s Goodwill Ambassadors to this year’s European Higher Education Fair, Paul John and Samantha. The Embassy recognized their efforts and remarked on their contributions.

As per the Update, the two BE’s Goodwill Ambassadors,


Paul John and Samantha are both from KU Leuven, the leading research Community in Belgium, with a Master of Science for Sustainable Development in Ecology and Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, respectively.

At first, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium felt grateful to mark Paul John’s contributions. They highlighted that he reiterates the crucial role of the youth in building a better future for the world, emphasizing the importance of instilling a culture of excellence among them and how one of the best gateways is by studying in the EU, which highly practices the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

For Samantha, they added that the youth are full of wonder, and they chase meaningful pursuits. She affirms that studying in the EU will help them step up and explore various passion points across different fields.

Further, the Embassy also released information about conducting EHEF Philippines on 30 September & 1 October at Shangri-La Plaza and on 2 October online. They also urged people to join, discover their own path, and register for FREE.

Reportedly, the two applicants were also pleasured for having the opportunity. In recent negotiations with the Embassy, they shared about their experience and said:-

“Whether being technically young or young at heart, I believe youth is for


excellence since we wonder. I see wonder as an awareness of the unknowns in human existence.” 

“It is a want to probe the hidden depths of the ordinary. It’s as present in a child trying to name flowers as a young researcher identifying social injustices to amend policy work. With wonder, we determine a lack that we aim to address, if not fulfil, with our energy. That ongoing attempt to fill a gap through change-making or awareness-building is an attempt to excel: be more than the current.” SAMANTHA JUSTINE Q. DOMINGO

“Cliché is as it may sound, but the youth have a vital role in building a better future for the rest of the world. Therefore, it is important to

promote a culture of excellence in our youth-excellence not only in terms of academic excellence but also with culture and the arts, social justice, community participation and in many more facets.”

“One of the many ways to do this is aligning our pedagogical goals with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which is a blueprint for all nations in achieving peace and prosperity.”

“As an educator myself, it is important also to recognize that primary and secondary teachers are a vital cog in threading this path to excellence. It starts with realigning our classroom objectives with global targets, encouraging our students to put theories into practice, and making our youth feel that each and everyone has the potential to be an actor of positive change in our society.” PAUL JHON DIEZON



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