Fiji: The Minister for Public Works, Meteorological Services, and Transport, Ro Filipe Tuisawau, has confirmed that relevant Government stakeholders are working to resolve the lease issues experienced by the landowners of the water source of Wainikoro in Macuata.

“This was concerning for me when this matter surfaced in the media. However, I am pleased to report that the landowners of the water source at Wainikoro in Macuata have opened the water source as of 2:32 pm today (15/09) following a meeting with senior WAF and Government officials. We expect to normalise water supply services later this afternoon,” said Ro Filippe Tuisawau


Minister Tuisawau said that WAF has been working with iTLTB since the issue occurred.

“Our officials are in talks with the landowners, a meeting took place yesterday (14/09) between WAF, iTLTB, Commissioner Northern, the Macuata Provincial office and the landowning unit. The meeting had indicated a positive resolution whereby iTLTB will provide a lease offer with special conditions to WAF at the earliest time – this was achieved today.”

“I am told that at the meeting, the landowners had also indicated to open the water source for WAF’s use once the lease offer is finalised and a copy provided to them – these are some of the outstanding issues from the last 16 years, etc. which the coalition government is now working to resolve,” explained Tuisawau.

Minister Tuisawau apologised to the people who have been impacted by the water disruptions and is hopeful that the matter will be resolved soon.
For the duration of no water supply, WAF had provided water carting trucks to supply water to the 206 metered customers who are part of the Wainikoro water supply system. WAF also gave water tanks at strategic locations to be used by the impacted customers.


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