Finland, the neighbouring nation of Russia, on Thursday has ordered the empowering of security around its strategic infrastructure after the alleged sabotage of Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.
Sweden’s nuclear power plants have also raised their level of vigilance.
Meanwhile, the Finance Minister of Finland, Annika Saarikko made an announcement during a press conference that, “We have asked all branches of government to ensure vigilance and empowerment of security measures for several critical infrastructures.” Specific attention was paid to the electric network, she said.
In Sweden, the nation’s two main nuclear power plants, located in Forsmark (centre-east) and Ringhals (south-west) said that they had gone into “increased vigilance” due to events in the Baltic Sea.
Several other nation have already announced the empowering of security measures around energy or strategic infrastructures. They include Germany, Denmark and Norway, now the leading exporter of gas to Europe.


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