The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium honoured a German-based cyclist and Journalist from Luxemburg, Michel Merten has joined hands together as a sign of Solidarity with Ukrainians by doing a charity bike hike across Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and many more.

As per the Update, the German-based Cyclist and Journalist from Luxembourg, Michel Merten, at the start of this project, wished success to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy Jean Asselborn.


Michel has already passed Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and is currently in Ivano-Frankivsk, having overcome 1900 kilometres.

To support and honour Ukraine for its spirit to fight the enemies together, Journalist Michel Merten emphasised the beauty of Ukraine and its people, saying, “Now Ukraine is helped from all over the world. This is very important because we have to fight the enemy together. This is very valuable emotionally for me because Ukraine is a wonderful country where beautiful people live. ”

The Embassy of Ukraine, while extending their pleasure and gratitude to the Cyclist Michel, supported Ukraine for such initiative and powerful help, but most of all for living with Ukraine in his heart.

The Embassy also thanked everyone who supported and helped Ukraine during the brutal Russian military aggression against our state, which has been going on for almost 1.5 years.

The cyclist and journalist Michael Merten started a charity bike tour. In July and August 2023, he cycled from Luxembourg to Kyiv to collect donations for the attacked country and report on the encounters with the people there.

The cyclist Merten also shared some glimpses from his bike journey with the Ukraine Embassy on how he failed at the border crossing in Poland.


He added, “At the border crossing in Korczowa, Poland, in the morning, eight o’clock. A stern-looking border guard approaches me and speaks to me in Polish. I don’t understand her, but she has a look that tells you: we have a problem. Large signs direct cars and buses to their lanes, but this vast border crossing is not designed for bicycle travellers. „Stay here,“ the woman orders me, pointing to a corner, „don’t go away!“




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