The German Embassy in Windhoek shared an Important Notice regarding the appointment system for Visa Applicants seeking visas from various European countries and are on the waiting lists for approval.

As per the German Embassy in Windhoek’s recent update, Visa Applicants still have to face considerable waiting times when booking visa appointments.


Further, they also shared some main reasons for the shortage of appointments.

The main reasons for the shortage of appointments:

1. The trip is planned at too short notice.
Visas can be applied for up to six months before the planned trip.
For trips that can be planned, arrange for an appointment as soon as possible.

2. Appointments lapse because booked appointments are not cancelled, or people must arrive on time.
Arrive at the Embassy well before your booked appointment (preferably as early as 30 minutes before).

If you cannot keep a booked appointment, please cancel it immediately by using the cancellation link (which will be sent to you automatically with your appointment confirmation).

3. Mainly, incomplete documents are submitted so that the application cannot be accepted or processed further.


Ensure you can present all the documents mentioned on the checklists in order.

4️. The Embassy does not only issue Schengen visas for the leading travel destination Germany but also for the leading travel destination in the following Schengen states:
– Belgium
– France
– Luxembourg
– Malta
– the Netherlands
– Austria
– Switzerland
– Hungary

Further, the German Embassy updated people that if their leading destination is in one of these countries above, they can also contact their Embassy in South Africa to apply for a visa there.

The Embassy does not influence this. One will significantly improve the appointment situation if they book their visa appointment early, arrive on time and bring complete documentation.


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