Germany and Ireland noted that British Prime Boris Johnson is not holding any legal or political intentions to overrule parts of the Brexit deal governing trade with Northern Ireland.

The British parliament is likely to consider a new law which would unilaterally change customs arrangements between Britain and Northern Ireland that were recognized as part of its exit deal from the European Union.


However, Britain states that the changes are essential to reduce the overly burdensome provision of the exit deal, framed to prevent goods from sailing into the European Union member state Ireland through the British province Northern Ireland.

Further, PM Johnson added that the checks are creating tensions threatening the region’s 1998 peace deal.

According to the media reports, the foreign ministers from Germany and Ireland denied the arguments.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Ireland’s Simon Coveney Foreign Minister have stated, “There is no legal or political justification for unilaterally breaking an international agreement entered into only two years ago.”

“The tabling of legislation will not fix the challenges around the protocol. Instead, it will create new uncertainties and make it more challenging to find durable solutions.”

PM Johnson’s government said that they prefer to find negotiated ways with the EU, but Brussels is likely to become more flexible to make it possible. The EU says it has evolved a range of possible solutions forward.


“We urge the British government to step back from their unilateral approach and show the same pragmatism and readiness to compromise the EU has shown,” Baerbock and Coveney said.

According to the sources, the legislation known as the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, which was passed last week and is expected to face stiffer tests before it becomes a law, with many parliamentarians opposed to breaking a treaty obligation.

Moreover, the next due for the debate in Britain’s parliament is July 13.


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