Belgium is looking into whether it can bring back wives of IS fighters from Syria

Belgium is looking into whether it can bring back the wives of ISIS fighters from Syria, as per reports. In 2021, six women and ten children were repatriated, but it is not clear how many people will meet the requirements this time.

Belgium: Masks should be mandatory in hospitals, pharmacies, says Vandenbroucke

Belgium’s Public Health Minister, Frank Vandenbroucke, said on Sunday that he favours making face masks mandatory in hospitals, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices, as per local media reports.

25-year-old man dies in Ghent canal while rescuing dog

A 25-year-old man died in a Ghent canal on Sunday morning after getting trapped between an inland vessel and the quay while trying to rescue a dog.


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A massive winter storm called Malik hit northern Europe in the weekend holidays as there were predictions of sweptwing a powerful storm might hit the UK. As per the reports, the massive storm has taken at least four lives so far and caused a huge level of destruction.

The Storm has caused huge destruction of houses and cars and further led to the closure of bridges. Moreover, the Storm has also caused massive floods in several places and halted transportation totally. People in the continent has faced power outages as electricity got damaged.

As per the reports, on Saturday, January 29, 2022, the Storm has first witnessed in the UK; after that, it hit northern Germany and the Nordic region. In these regions, there was huge damage to the houses due to the natural calamity; moreover, it totally halted transportation, caused electricity disruption and created chaos among the population. The Storm has caused bad destruction in Scotland.

As per reports, a tree has been fallen on the boy, and a 60-year-old woman was killed after it hit out the northern parts of Britain.

In these  countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, the Storm Malik has brought massive wind, bad weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and extensive snowfall on Sunday, January 3030, 2022

More than 160 Kph wind gusts have been reported in various parts of Scotland, which caused huge disruption as tens of thousands of homes have suffered from Power outages.

As per reports, a 78-year-old woman lost her life with severe injuries as she fell down in winds.

Moreover, Germany has also reported the incident in which a man was killed in the deadly Storm.

Denmark has faced a lot of destruction as it has crashed the traffic and damaged the properties massively.

Sweden and Norway further also faced destruction as thousands of homes were left without electricity on Sunday afternoon, and the Ferries to the Baltic Sea island of Gotland were cancelled due to the calamity.

Finland has also faced damage due to the Storm, which caused huge disruption and chaos on roads.

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Giant Storm “Malik” hits northern Europe, 4 died