On Sunday, February 6, 2022, the shocking incident took place at the Atlantic Ocean off France as more than 100,00 dead fish were shed into the Ocean. In the incident, the Dutch-owned trawler (a boat is used for fishing) is also crowned as the world’s second-biggest fishing vessel have alleviated the dead fish in the Ocean.

France’s maritime minister, Annick Girardin, have launched the investigation into the matter and asked the national fishing surveillance authority to probe the matter properly. He called for the investigation after he saw the images of the dead fish, which was a floating carpet of carcasses. The dead fish were first spotted by the environmental campaigners.


On Thursday, the spill happened earlier, and it further led to the rupture in the new trawler, mentioned by the fishing industry group the Pelagic Freezer-Trawler Association (PFA) and represented by the owner of the vessel. It further issued a statement and called the incident a very rare occurrence.

Further, the EU law has been reported about the incident, and authorities have reported that they have recorded in the vessel’s log book and also claimed that the dead fish would be deleted from the quota of the vessel. As per the further statements, the images of the dead fish was first spotted by the French arm of the campaign group Sea Shepherd and also published the images of the spill. In the image, it was shown that the surface of the Ocean was filled with the dense layer of blue whiting, a sub-species of cold, which is used for the mass-production of fish fingers and also fish oil and meal.

It further provided the information that the spill of the dead fish involved around 100,000 fish and covered an area of almost 3,000 sq m.

Moreover, the trawlers such as Margiris have used the drag nets more than a kilometre long and further processed the fish in onboard factories. The various environmentalists have criticized the step of the Trawlers.


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